How to Study and Learn Better

Professor Arild Raaheim offers tips and advice on how to approach these matters in his book «Tips and Advice for Students» (directly translated from “Råd og tips for deg som skal studere”). The book is only available in Norwegian, and the points below are collected from his book and translated.

Students studying

How to Remember Facts?
The book separates between learning facts, understanding material and analytical knowledge and skills. You may use for instance ‘Mnemo techniques’ to remember facts. One form of such a technique could be to connect information and images to create a story. We must be focused to be able to perceive and store relevant information. In other words, we need to know how we function in different situations and what distracts us so that we can learn to remove these factors.

Become aware of what you usually remember from different situations and use this in your learning: Are you a person who remembers faces or do you more often remember names? Your feelings are connected to your memory and learning abilities: It’s important to create enthusiasm for the material you are supposed to learn. We learn much better when we are in a positive mood or state of mind.

There are some concrete questions you may ask yourself when you work independently during lectures and before exams, to better find out which learning methods you should use.