CBSE, IBM To Launch ‘AI For High School’ Programme

CBSE, IBM To Launch 'AI For High School' Programme

“AI For High School” Programme: A CBSE, IBM Initiative

New Delhi: 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in association with IBM has started the “AI for high school programme”. The programme aims to ensure the current students are ready to be a part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) workforce. The programme targets class 11 and class 12 students and teachers.

This initiative will help participants develop AI knowledge, skills and values through multi-media online resources, as well as hands-on activities and sequencing of learning experiences.

The programme includes three stages: orientation workshop, teacher training, training for students.

Selected top students and their teacher mentors will be provided showcase opportunities at various national events organized by CBSE and international showcase opportunity at the “Activate AI summit” at UC Berkeley College of Engineering, California, USA.

Schools interested to register for the “AI for high school programme” should apply by September 9.

From all the applications received, only 1000 schools will be shortlisted to be eligible to participate in this teacher training programme, said CBSE.

AI is a discipline in computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines, machines that can learn and then teach themselves. These machines, then, can process vast amount of data than humans can, and several times faster. AI can invade all disciplines to change the world from creating new healthcare solutions, to designing hospitals of the future, improving farming and our food supply, helping refugees acclimate to new environments, improving educational resources and access, and even cleaning our oceans, air, and water supply.